Put the Baby in the Basket

Knowing When To Put the Baby in the Basket

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Kenny Rogers famously sang, “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” In kingdom vernacular, this is called discernment. It’s something we need way more of, but something we don’t pray for nearly enough. It’s part of that wisdom James tells us to ask for if we lack it, and God will gladly give it to us in spades (James 1:5).

One thing we need to pray for at times is the faith and the foresight to put the baby in the basket. Moses’ mother had to make a decision one day. It was the choice to keep her infant son with her, knowing that he’d be killed when he was discovered, or to let him go in hopes that somehow, apart from her, he’d get the chance to live. She made a major faith move when she released him to the river (Exodus 2:1-3).

Mountain-moving, world-changing, life-altering faith often involves releasing. And releasing always involves risking.

At times in your life, you’ll be challenged like Jocheved was. You’ll be faced with what feels like a no-win situation. A heart-rending decision that seems like the end of your world. A choice that’s only going to end up good if God himself directly intervenes. And that part of you that needs help with your unbelief can’t help but wonder if He will.

We struggle to make “Mama Moses moves.” We wrestle with when the time is right to go all in…when the circumstances are calling for a drastic decision…when the Lord is telling us to leap. I hope this helps in some small way.

It’s time to put the baby in the basket when what you’ve been doing isn’t getting it done anymore!

Jocheved had hidden her son for three months. She had drawn it out as long as she could and squeezed every possible second out of their time together. But now the net was closing in. People were starting to get suspicious. Time was up, and hiding him wasn’t going to work anymore.

Sometimes the most powerful act of faith is trusting that the detour will still take you to the destination.

One of the worst things we do is stay locked into our plans long past the point of productivity. It’s human nature to cling to what’s comfortable. It’s normal to hold out hope that what worked yesterday can still get it done today. But it’s foolish to keep riding the same road when all the signs have told you that it’s closing up ahead.

It’s time to put the baby in the basket when holding on is harming more than helping!

Jocheved had come to the turning point. Up until then, hiding Moses meant safety and security. But now that same action meant certain death for her baby, and maybe for her as well.

Whatever you refuse to release when it’s time to let go will always end up rotting in the barn.

Many situations turn sour simply because our lack of faith won’t let us let go. Sometimes we keep “helping” loved ones to the point of enabling their bad behavior and crippling them from standing on their own two feet. We often stay in jobs or relationships long past the point of serving God’s purpose. And the very things that were once divine blessings eventually become demonic burdens used by the enemy to break us down. Once it passes the expiration date, what used to be the freshest food can ruin everything in the fridge.

It’s time to put the baby in the basket when the basket is ready to float!

Jocheved was definitely taking a risk by releasing baby Moses on the river. But there’s good risk and there’s bad risk. What makes this a good one is that she not only got a basket to put him in, but she coated it with tar and pitch before she put him in it.

Sometimes the only difference between a foolish move and a faith move is preparation.

Thoroughly cover the situation in fervent prayer.

Seek out sound advice from godly, successful people.

Model something that’s proven to work.

Formulate a solid, workable plan.

Organize your resources and enlist the right help.

Then put the baby in the basket!

Moses’ mother was probably heartbroken as she slid that little basket into the water. She may have been trembling with fear of the unknown for her helpless baby boy. But here’s how good God is: the woman who found him—Pharaoh’s daughter—sent the baby’s own sister to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the child. I’ll give you one guess who the little girl went to get.

Never forget that your God is a multiplying God who can do far more than you thought to ask or even dared to hope! Because she put the baby in the basket, the Lord vindicated Jocheved. He blessed her with her own baby all over again, plus all the resources of Pharaoh’s house to raise him. But more importantly, He took her small act of release and gave His people a redeemer.

What will He give you when you’re finally willing to let go?


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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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    Absolutely beautiful! This encouraging message brought so much thought about my life and what i should be letting go and let god! That he is able to get the honor and glory for his purpose. Holding on to tightly to thing’s that we’re meant to let go. Setting aside my fears, knowing nothing is to difficult for God. Forgive me Lord if i have been trying to fix situations on my own for to long! Because i know u have order my path. Thank you for this blog Bro R. Dawson..

  2. Amber
    | Reply

    Mercy Lord! This brought me to tears because it’s so true. When you release the situation to God you can’t fail ever! Although scary sometimes but we have to conquer that fear with faith and know that God is Able! This confirmed for me that a time in my life when I thought all hope was gone I turned to God and said here you go Lord and stepped out on faith and he worked it out! Praise Him! Won’t He it!!! Thank you Bro D for this mini sermon!

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