Rigel has been teaching God’s word for over twenty years, and is blessed to serve the Family of Faith church in Flint, Michigan. He’s the author of The Pastor Is In: A Thirty-Day Faith Devotional Inspired by Peanuts and Dad Most High: Revolutionizing Your Relationship with God.

Rigel is passionate about the spiritual growth that comes from learning God’s love and coming into an ever-deepening relationship with God the Father. In a way that is both simple and profound, His writing manifests his belief that the Christian life should be full of extraordinary peace and joy that grows out of a personal walk with God.

Rigel has been married to his amazing wife Qiana since 2003, and they have two wonderful children. For some reason, he likes to think that he could lift Mjolnir if given the chance. Or, at the very least, move it a little.


“Fruit is delicious! It’s healthy and nourishing. It’s a sign that the tree is alive. And each piece carries the seeds of future life within it. For us as believers, bearing fruit is the goal. I want to do my part to help keep the living waters of God’s word flowing in your life. I want to share some things that will inspire you, challenge you, and encourage you. I want us all to be well-watered, fruit bearing, firmly planted trees.”   — Rigel J. Dawson

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