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When Your Name Is On the Building

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(Excerpt from Dad Most High: Revolutionizing Your Relationship with God)

There were two young men who worked in middle management for a successful manufacturing company in a booming town. The first one rushed to get to work a half hour early every day, stressed and frazzled from the time he hit the door. Already on his second cup of coffee as he entered the factory, he worked tirelessly to please everyone, both his superiors and his subordinates.

He worked through most of his breaks, desperately trying to curry favor with everyone around him. He was always asking people to put in a good word for him with the higher-ups and seemed to live in constant fear that his first mistake at the company would be his last. He stayed late nearly every afternoon, burning himself out with more and more work, much of which wasn’t even in his job description.

In contrast, the other young man arrived every day with calm confidence, never late, but never extra early either. He did his job well, didn’t seem to sweat much of anything, and went home each day (on time) with a smile. He was firm, but fair, with those under him. He was respectful to those over him, but he never sucked up to them and never lobbied for position or promotion.

The more work the first guy did, the more his co-workers were happy to let him do, so the load kept getting heavier and heavier. One day it got to be too much to bear. After a particularly stressful meeting, he went outside and hid behind the building, trying to hold it together. He wanted to scream and cry and punch something all at once.

After several minutes of pacing and fuming and pep-talking himself off the proverbial ledge, he went back inside. There he saw the second young man, who had been in the same nerve-wracking meeting, calmly sitting in the break room, sipping coffee and thumbing through a magazine. He started to go back to work, but this time, he had to say something.

“How do you do it, man?” he asked.

“How do I do what?” his counterpart replied.

“How do you keep it together like you do? You never get stressed out! How are you sitting here like this after that meeting we just had? Working here is killing me, but every day seems like a day at the park for you! You gotta tell me, man. How do you do it?”

“Oh, that’s easy,” the second young man answered calmly. “My name is on the building.”

He went back to reading his magazine and sipping his coffee. After a moment of contemplation, the first guy looked closely at his co-worker’s name badge. Sure enough, his last name, which he had never noticed before, was the very same name on every sign, every shirt, and every piece of stationery around him. All this time, he had been working with the owner’s son, and being a son made all the difference in the world.

Guess what? Your name is on the building!

Your Father owns the whole thing. That’s why Paul could write in 1 Corinthians 3:21 to remind the believers, “All things are yours.” You’re God’s child. YOU’RE GOD’S CHILD! This means that what’s His is yours. As children of God, we’re heirs of God. And we’re heirs together with Jesus, so we stand to gain everything He received as a beloved Son of the Father (Romans 8:17).

Glory and honor are already yours! Victory and vindication are already yours! Peace and joy are already yours! You may not feel like you have all these things just yet, but they’re your inheritance as God’s child.

All of this and more is reserved for you by the will and testament of Jesus Christ, and nothing can stop it from coming to you at the appointed time!

When your name is on the building, you don’t need to compete with other people for stuff that’s already yours. You don’t have to be a devious, underhanded person, always looking to thwart someone else’s progress so that you can advance. You don’t feel the need to sabotage someone else’s work or ruin the next person’s reputation to get the things you want in life.

You know that your Father is infinitely wealthy and He has plenty to go around. And you know that what He has for you is just for you; no one else is going to get your blessing. Walking in your sonship means that you move through life with the peace of knowing that you’re going to be taken care of, no matter what.

When your name is on the building, you don’t need to prove yourself to people who ultimately hold no power over you. You don’t feel compelled to compromise your values or act out of character in order to convince others to accept you, award you, or appreciate you. You don’t need to act or speak or dress or live in a way that’s not who you are to gain the fleeting favor of man. You don’t have to suck up to anyone. You know that simply walking in righteousness and integrity will find favor in the eyes of your Father, and that favor will take you farther than the world’s approval ever will.

You’re the Owner’s son, and being a son makes all the difference in the world.


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  1. Amber C
    | Reply

    This was the best reminder this morning for me to remember God got us all the time even when we don’t know what is waiting for us around the corner God knows and that’s all that matters. Thank u Bro. D!

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